Treehouse Living Has Never Been So Attractive

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3. Alabama - Crane Hill
Firefly Treehouse Home
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Sometimes, we just can't help but question the conventions of real life. Sure, a typical house is practical but why settle for practical when you can have magical?

Would like to the treehouse home, one can have a little bit of both. The vibe that a residence like this gives off kind of brings out our usefulness. However, at the same time, the function within the home also touches base with our adult sensibilities. In other words, maybe if you are considering spending some time in a treehouse home, you should!

Luckily, with this incredibly charming Airbnb, you can try it out, all why exploring the gorgeous city of Crane Hill, Alabama, which includes the gorgeous Lewis Smith Lake.

This particular property gives guests the chance to get away from it all. With the way the world is these days, that's a much welcome escape.

Sitting on 40 acres of completely secluded property, this Wanderlust escape is perfect for a couple's retreat. Some say that one might even be able to spiritually reconnect to the Earth while finding their center. Unwinding has never been better than it has on "2 Acre Lake" found on the property.

Also within driving distance are Huntsville and Birmingham, AL which offers the opportunity for exploration.

As far as the property itself goes, there has been a lot of thought invested in making the space just about perfect.

Built among the treetops, the home feels special, even from a first approach.

Once inside, we find one of the most important things in a home - natural lighting. With the help of floor-to-ceiling windows, the home truly becomes one with nature. One of the challenges of designing such a space is to make the most of the environment at hand. This treehouse home does a wonderful job of making the most of nature.

Throughout the home sprawls an abundance of custom woodwork that makes the home one of a kind. These touches makes the home feel like it has a touch of home, making it something that was designed with a purpose.

The home seems to take a bit of a minimalist approach without dismissing functionality. Wouldn't it be nice to just put down the phone for a while and relax on the expansive porch or in the custom tub.

Outdoor showers help to build on the theme of becoming one with nature. Look up at the seemingly endless forrest of trees that will finally allow guests to truly breathe. 

Throughout the property, there are tons of amentities that are designed to help make the most of nature. Whether it's the private boat, the open grilling deck, or the fire pit, there are plenty of ways to unwind and relax!

Click Here to Book Now - $350/Night