The Chance to Own the Coolest Castle in America is Now a Reality

With a big enough bank account, one could say that the options are pretty much endless when it comes to where or what you want to call home.

This time, we dive into a home that a dad built for his daughters, fulfilling their childhood dreams of becoming princesses.

As the story has it, dad went to some incredible lengths to create the structure that currently sits on the market with a price tag of $50 million.

He even bought out a yacht maker in the name of creating a storybook style dwelling that leaves jaws on the floor.

Today, we tour the "Chris Mark Castle," as listed by John F Pizzi of Randall Realtors.

The estate the spans 18,777 square feet and has everything that one could want or need to fit the medieval castle aesthetic, including 126-foot tall towers.

One of our favorite features, of course, is the moat that surrounds the building, really giving it that special castle vibe. Can you really have a castle without its own moat?

Inside, we find the likes of 9 bedrooms and 7.3 baths that are outlined by 12 fireplaces scattered throughout the home so that any room can create a cozy gathering space.

As one might expect, the bathrooms are adorned by exotic materials and intricate designs to really give them a special touch. One even has a waterfall inside to act like a shower which you'll see in the video further down the page.

Each fireplace tells its own story as they're all artistically styled from unique stone or wood materials.

The kitchen overlooking Potter Pond is a bespoke creation. Its circular design wraps all of the latest appliances around the chef or anyone looking to grab a snack.

The listing agent informs us that "The wood inlaid floors, doors and woodwork are built with over 25 species of hardwoods imported from around the world."

Furthermore, we find all sorts of art and antique architecture that has been salvaged or collected from all over the world. 

The space is also outlined with period architectural doors and stain glass that really tie the castle feel together.

No matter which direction we look, there is a statement of elegance as the Chris Mark Castle features an abundance of one-of-a-kind touches that won't be seen anywhere else in the world.

Outside, we find even more surprises as the open spaces, perfect for entertaining, are fitted with radiant heat that keeps the surfaces warm and free of snow.

When venturing away from the structure itself, we find more to love with 75 acres of Woodstock, CT forest. 30 of these acres are occupied by a serene pond.

In summation, if the dream is a castle, this is the place to live that dream out. The full listing can be found here. Be sure to check in with the video below from Michael Ferraro to see even more of the gorgeous estate!