Chateau Artisan and it's Moat Are the Definition of "One-of-a-Kind"

Where some ask "Why?," others ask "Why not?" and we're most certainly glad that they do!

In the case of Chateau Artisan, it may seem like something that's a bit old world as it looks like a castle, complete with a moat. For famous architect, Charles Sieger, the home is nothing short of a vision that has come to life.

Links to Fame

When a home is as grand as this one, folks tend to take notice. Some may recognize the features of the home and that's because it has some famous roots. Most publicly, the home was used in the video for Birdman's "Fire Flame" music video. It also has other famous roots as NBA legend, Dwyane Wade used to call the castle home.

An Amazing Spread

The 13.2 acres certainly is anything but modest which is rather obvious upon a first glance. Most notably, 5 acres of the plot are consumed by a massive lake that has a house built on top of it. The massive moat, if you will, almost makes this place look like the ultimate Bond villain home.

A couple of other notable features that come to mind are the gazebos that also levitate above the water. We also can't help but be attracted to the swimming pool within the moat that adds a nice touch.

The listing also touches on a few other noteworthy features like the home's manicured gardens and intricate maze.

Inside, we find three levels with a double stair foyer, chef's kitchen, a music room, and so much more.

Down in the video below, we get a breakdown of what it is that makes this home so special and really makes it have a life of its own. For those who love one-of-a-kind real estate, the Homestead, Miami home has just hit the market for a cool $19.7 million. If you're in the market, check out the listing.