LeBron James Lists His Brentwood Estate for Staggering $20.5 Million

Any logical NBA fan will tell you that the argument of who the greatest player of all time is will likely never have a definitive answer. Depending on all sorts of different things, different fans will see things from their own point of view.

However, while it might not be something that we can agree on, I think that most fans will agree that LeBron James is at least somewhere in that conversation. 

Because of this, even at 35 years old, which is considered an advanced age in the world of sports, The Lakers have determined that LeBron is worth more than $42 million per year to them. 

His earnings on the core are only the tip of the iceberg, though. When all is considered, LeBron is believed to be worth over $1 billion from endorsement deals and other ventures off of the court.

For a man who can basically buy whatever he wants, LeBron has decided to upgrade. 

After moving into a $36 million estate, James has listed one of his other homes. The mansion can be found in the highly regarded Brentwood Park neighborhood in Los Angeles. Just to give an idea of what residents in the area can expect to spend, bestplaces.net tells us that a studio apartment in Brentwood will yield $1920 per month, on average.

LeBron's home is much bigger than a studio, obviously.

The agent describes the estate as "Traditional" and informs us that the home sits on a sun-filled lot.

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Upon approaching the home, towering redwoods, a tall gate, and hedges set the scene. Behind them, we find 25,000 sqft of land on Rockingham Rim.

The home itself consists of 9500 sqft of floor space that is all set to be above ground. As one might expect, the mansion is on a grand scale in so is pretty much everything that we find inside it. We're talking everything from ceilings to fixtures.


Within, we're also told that every imaginable amenity and comfort can be found within the six bedroom suites which includes a luxurious master with a grand bathroom to match.

There are also a pair of family rooms, a terrace, a media room/playroom

We also find a library, gym, elevator, mudroom, and three car garage with a back up generator. 

Of course, a world renowned athlete is also going to have a chef's kitchen as well. The kitchen also is adjacent to a large breakfast area. 

The agent also makes mention of warm oak floors, exquisite finishes, and extensive woodwork throughout. 

The home is actually offered at a slight discount with its $20.5 million ask, down from the $20.9 million purchase price that LeBron managed to snag it at back in 2015.

One of the things that we find incredible with homes like this is what folks paying taxes. Just last year, Realtor.com reported that the taxes on the property came in with a $262,525 annual price tag. This is up in 100% after a property tax spike back in 2016.