Following Super Bowl Win, Tom Brady Just Picked up Another New Mansion - Let's Tour It! (2021 VIDEO)

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It’s that time of year and Tom Brady has done it again. Like the guy or not, it seems like he's checking off everything on the list to silence all of the naysayers.

When some credited Brady’s success to his coach or the system, he left town. Once in Tampa Bay with a new team, it only took him one season to silence everyone against him

For those thinking this is coming to an end - buckle up that seatbelt. The 43 year old said that he wants to win more before he eventually retires and it's pretty likely - The QB has been in 10 Super Bowls out of the 21 that have gone down since he was drafted. In other words, the NFL legend has as good of a chance of going to a super bowl as we do of winning a coin flip.

Anyways, this is a real estate page and that's what we're here to talk about - Brady’s NEW house that he will likely close on following the Super Bowl.

Collectively, Tom and his wife, Gisele, have a net worth that's estimated to be somewhere in the $800 million range, sooo they can basically buy whatever they want given that most expensive listing in the state is currently about $115 million or so.

With that, Tom and his family came upon this property, according to TMZ.

Records say that the home is still pending a sale, probably due to happen some time after the Super Bowl celebrations.

Let’s start with the basics

The home presented by Sophia Vasilaros of Smith and Associates Real Estate spans 8,548 sqft consisting of 5 bedrooms. Each of the 5 bedrooms is complete with an ensuite bathroom. There are 3 half baths as well.

While this mansion might not be as big as "Hotel Jeter" or Tom’s last abode in New England, it's more than enough room for the family to spread out and enjoy the top-of-the-line everything that the home brings to the table.


The listing agent describes it perfectly by saying that the home is designed to maximize its prime location. We would say that the sunny and warm weather year-round in Florida probably beats the brutal winters in New England by a longshot and this house is seeing to it that it complements that weather perfectly.

One of the first things we think of when we think home is the kitchen.

First, though, in order to get to the kitchen from the front door, we walk through a grand living room of sorts.

After checking out the art installments and diverse use of materials and lighting, we head to the left to find the kitchen.

To fill our bellies, this kitchen definitely a good size but it’s not overkill. Some of these bigger homes can feel like a hotel but not this one. The flow is unique and different using lots of curves.

The custom designed breakfast bar is really a nice touch to be able to sit down and take a couple of minutes away from the rat race to enjoy a meal with a waterfront view to top it all off. Of course, from appliances to floors, we find top of the line everything. This “top of the line” concept will apply to the rest of the home as well as you’ll soon notice.

Now that we’ve eaten, let’s move on to the fun rooms. On the opposite side of the living room, we find just the fun we’re looking for.

One of the living spaces that make this home really unique is the theater room which, if you watch our videos, you know where suckers for. Ahh, we can practically hear the surround sound now.

Connected to the theater, we find a billiards room with a full wet bar and a fireplace. In other words, not only is the home comfortable with features like a formal living room and dining room but it also has lots of space to entertain as well.

One touch that we really love here is the lighting! Lighting can be one of those subtle things that really makes or breaks a home sometimes.

Speaking of lighting, the home also has a Crestron home automation system. This means that things like lighting and smart shades will adapt to the home's environment. Throw in remote control via smart phone for a state of the art sound system and security system and it’s pretty high tech.

Downstairs, the home is complete with a lounge in the basement that features a massive wine cellar. The room even has its own skylight that allows light from the foyer. How cool is that!?

Now, if you're spending $7.5 million on a home that's on the water, you’re going to want to make the most of the scenery. In this case, that means an epic pool, hot tub, built in grilling area, and lots of space to entertain.


Oh yeah and would a home like this really be complete without a boat dock? That's exactly what we see here with a deep water composite dock ready for the boat of your choice. It also has a 30,000 boat lift as well as water and electric. Don’t forget the secondary lift for the jet skis.

You know, we're actually kind of curious what kind of boat Tom Brady would choose. If the Super Bowl boat parade says anything about these players, we would guess that maybe Brady will get the urge to buy himself one.

Now we know what you’re thinking - a big storm is going to blow this place right into the water. Think again! The home has been engineered to withstand a category 4 hurricane. They really thought of everything.

The listing agent says that no expenses were spared to bring the home together and after checking it out, we have no problem believing just that.

The move is a slight downsize from the custom built 12,000 square-foot estate that Brady and Gisele were living in outside of Boston. reports that they just sealed the deal on this mansion in January for the sum of $32.5m, though. 
Perhaps they discovered that all of that extra space was, well, just extra space.