Dream Home is Built Around an Aquatic Garage for Multiple Yachts

For those who find themselves in love with everything that has to do with boating and the water, perhaps adding a waterfront piece of real estate to their collection is at the top of their list of things to accomplish in life.

This time, though, we take a tour of a home that not only gives one lucky owner the opportunity to sit waterfront. In addition, the home is nothing short of a boaters dream. Frankly, the place is unlike anything we've ever seen before. 

For the most serious of boat collectors, this amazing home features an aquatic garage that can fit a variety of different boats inside.

From one look at the photographs, it appears as if at least two sizable yachts can fit behind those doors. While this isn't the first home that we've seen that saves room for a boat garage, we have to say that it is the first that we have seen of this magnitude. 

In order to make the most of the boats in the home's storage structure, the home has immediate access to Round Lake in Northern Michigan which then leads to Lake Charlevoix and all of the Great Lakes not too far away.

The listing of the home goes on to describe the structure itself which is also nothing short of amazing, even beyond its incredible boat storage.

The listing tells us that "The home itself is a masterpiece of workmanship with some of the most impressive woodworking anywhere." With a peek inside thanks to the pictures in the listing, that's not hard to believe.

It continues that the builder of the viral home is a local legend who says that the build couldn't be replaced for less than $10 million.

One feature that the listing makes sure to point out is the party room that sits over the boathouse. Of course, with such a sizable home in a prime location, there needs to be some entertaining space!

The home provides a "crow's nest view of the lake and village and includes a beautiful custom wood and brass 30 foot bar." We're sure that the images of this place do the space no justice.

For those interested in purchasing the $8.35m estate, the by-owner listing can be found here