Touring the 10 Most Bizarre Mansions in the World

It really seems like, for lots of mansion owners, they tend to go down the same path sometimes. Sure, every home will definitely have its own personal touches. Naturally, everyone is going to have their own different tastes

However, we would be inclined to think that more multi-millionaires would get a little bit more creative with their homes. With all that money, these folks can throw "conventional" out the window, after all.

This time, we drop in on a couple of incredibly rich folks who have decided to do just that. When they had a mansion in their sights, these homeowners wouldn't settle for something typical. Instead, they would chase down some of the most bizarre homes in the world. Most of these homes cost in the millions of dollars.

When browsing the "10 Weirdest Manisons in the World," we find all sorts of abnormal ways to live. Some of them spark imagination and others leave us wondering why exactly somebody would choose to live in such a manner. 

For example, something like a water tower home really has us thinking about where one could find a creative space to lay their hat. However, others like the home dedicated to Batman and the mansion laid out vertically leave us with more questions than answers.

Following along with the video below gives us the full rundown of what we can expect with some of the most obscure mansions in the world. This just leaves one question for the daydreamers:

Once you're ready to go buy a mansion of your own are you going to stick with something normal or step outside of the box a little bit and pick yourself up a creative place to live like one of these homes?

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