Skinny House Made Viral on TikTok Just Sold For $260,000

Let's just say that the Internet really becomes obsessed with some pretty weird things. In fact, we might even go so far as saying "The weirder, the better." This phenomenon carries over to real estate as well.

This time, we check out something that's really blowing our minds and we're not along

Recently on one of the hottest social media platforms, TikTok, a user by the name of @eli.korn shared a video of a home that really looked like a slick Photoshop job.

As we dug deeper, though, we would learn that the "Skinny house" just outside Chicago is anything but fake.

While most homes would likely be at least 30 or 40 feet deep, on one side, this home appeared to be maybe 5 feet deep at most. Surely, nobody could live inside of something like this, right?

Think again!

Instead, inside, everything appears to be normal living quarters. We don't have the floor plan. However, it would appear as if this house just chooses to put rooms next to each other in a line instead of in a square configuration.

From what we can tell of the pictures, it also appears as if the house's width tapers off from one side to the other. In other words, when facing the home, it's slightly wider on the right-hand side than it is on the left.

When all is said and done, the listing boasts that the home offers as much as 1600 square feet of living space. While it's about 1000 sqft short of the average American house, the home isn't as small as it looks!



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 Earlier in August, records show that the home actually managed to sell for $260,000. That's not bad for something that seems like more of an odd novelty than somewhere to live.

As the inside pictures show, though, looks can truly be deceiving and this could be the ultimate pad to call home!


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