Neighbors Rejoice as Jake Paul Moves Out, Lists Calabasas Mansion on Market

In an unexpected and obscure trend, real estate prices are surging to an all-time high in the midst of the ongoing global pandemic. It seems as if folks have decided to buckle down and stay put in this time of uncertainty.

However, for those looking to sell their properties, prices have never been higher. Because of this lack of supply from sellers, the inventory out there is going quickly and for a lot of money.

It's during these times that the one of the web's most infamous names is moving on from his Calabasas mansion but it doesn't seem as if the current real estate inflation trends apply to homes in this price range.

However, one trend that does apply to Paul is the growing mass migration out of the state of California. Jake will join other celebrities like Joe Rogan and Gene Simmons who have both moved east.

Paul has joined the movement and listed his 15,045 sqft Calabasas mansion for a stunning $7 million.

Records from show that this is about a $75,000 profit over the purchase price back in October 2017 when Paul and his "Team 10" moved into the home.

The amount is probably negligible given the insane costs associate with settling on this magnitude of real estate.

On an interesting but not so relevant note, it looks like an investor snagged the property back in 2015 for a cool $3.2 million before likely more than doubling his money in the sale to Paul.

Anyways, since that time, Paul and company have taken their poor neighbors to hell and back. We would sit here and spell out everything that we've done, but we'll spare you the hours of reading.

Let's just say that their attempts to go viral have gotten rather wild and have even drawn the attention of the FBI who raided Paul last year, seizing weapons in the process. This doesn't even consider what have been reported as massive parties that didn't sit well with homeowners nearby.

If the sale goes through, as according to plan, though. These neighbors might finally be able to get a little bit of peace.

So why move? Well, the distraction himself says that he's looking to book it out of town to rid himself of the distractions of Los Angeles to round out his boxing abilities, says TMZ. 

Who knows, maybe the social media mastermind is finally growing up a little bit! With a solid start to his boxing career, some industry personalities have speculated that Paul could have a future in boxing.

With the sport producing some of the world's richest athletes, it could even be a venture that makes this mansion a drop in the bucket compared to what the influencer stands to make if he becomes a successful fighter. It's not hard to see why he'd want to move somewhere that he could focus on his craft.

Paul told TMZ that he's asking the aforementioned $7 million for the home that has been featured in countless viral videos.

On the features list, we find 8 bedrooms, a three-story entryway, spiral staircase, and even a driveway fit for 20 vehicles. Oh yeah, it's fitted with a pool, spa, and even a wet bar.

Below, we tune in with the grand tour of when the crew first moved into the mansion. It has been through quite the bit of abuse since then. We would be left to believe that this has been remedied before selling but there is no official listing to speak of, perhaps due to the celebrity nature of the home.

The images contained within this article are from prior to Paul taking ownership of the luxury mansion.