Gene Simmons is Bailing Out of Beverly Hills, Lists Mansion at $22 Million

As part of a growing movement for some of the world's most respected entertainers moving away from California, Gene Simmons has decided to list his Beverly Hills mansion.

It's said that Simmons plans to make a move to Washington State in order to get away from the California madness which includes drastically rising property taxes. Guess that it turns out that even the world's biggest rockstars can be budget-conscious sometimes, too!

As far as the home goes, it's rather impressive, spanning 16,000 square feet and covering 2 acres on the "Coveted tennis court row of Benedict Canyon," says the home's listing. This sort of spread isn't all that common when it comes to the area which yields the property's $22,000,000 price tag.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws of the estate is its star ownership history. This is something that a lot of creative types try to use to harness the energy of greatness. As one of the most accomplished musicians ever, we would be inclined to think that Simmons has that very energy.

The listing does mention that the property does have a "Long list of owners that include some of Hollywood's greatest" but doesn't get into specifics.

However, the presence of Simmons alone really seems to be enough for anyone chasing the rockstar appeal. The home has been a part of Simmons's life through a good part of his music career and even consumed a good amount of screen time during the Gene Simmons Family Jewels reality TV show that was on air for nearly six years. Let's just say that if these walls could talk, they would have quite the story to tell.

Records say Simmons purchased the sprawling estate in October of 1986 for $1,337,500. If he gets anywhere near asking price, it'll have turned out to be quite the investment.

Amenities include 7 bedrooms, a 60-foot water slide, and space for 35 cars.

We also find a soaring 40-foot foyer and a tennis court.