Pacific Palisades Home Just About Left us Speechless - Here Are the Highlights

We have featured a lot of homes here on Ridiculous Real Estate. With that in mind, things begin to blend together as one kitchen fades into the next and pools just look the same. When it came to 1601 San Onofre Dr, though, it just feels different.

From the luminance as the property glows at night with a perfect lighting system to the organic and natural flow that we get when daylight is upon us, the home is simply beyond reproach.

Let's start off with the basics. With 6 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms spanning 20,000 sq. ft., the residence seems to be the entertainer's dream. This is backed up with amenities such as...

20 Seat Theater

A bar that even some high-end drinking establishments would envy

A Chef's Kitchen

Outdoor Cinema and Dining

One of the most incredible hillside Infinity Pools we have ever seen

Zen Gardens and Zen Spa

Rooftop Deck w/pool-cuzzi

A Car Gallery

The home described as "organic modern" even boasts its own ballistic safe room.

Furthermore, for those interested in home security, the master suite is accessible by a retinal scanner. Once inside, we find a custom roof designed to retract for clear nights that allow stargazing.

The property spans one acre which seems to have been made the most of. Outside the lines of the home, we also find a view that's fit for a king. Within view, we find amazing mountain scenery, the Pacific Ocean, and a glimpse of Downtown Los Angeles.


Oh yeah, we can't forget the absolutely stunning wine cellar.

We can't really be sure if this is more a place of living or a work of art. What we can tell you, though, is that the plot of land alone cost more than $7,000,000. That doesn't even consider the millions of dollars invested in making sure that the home was one-of-a-kind.

Therefore, the $350,000 per month rent seems like a bit of a bargain, if you ask us.