5 Simple Items That Will Make Any Garage or Workshop Pop to Life

Just the right accessories can take your garage from typical to the top. This list features some of our favorites that can really bring a garage to an all-new level. Items featured in this list are from the Ridiculous Real Estate store or are our picks from Amazon (which we may earn a commission from)

5. Adjustable LED Lighting (Uses Standard Light Bulb Fixture)

Most would agree that lighting is perhaps the biggest asset that any work space could have. Not only will things look better but the space will be more efficient as well.

This adjustable LED fixture screws into a standard light socket to give your workspace the lighting that it needs to truly pop! In addition, LED technology will save on energy costs over most other types of lighting.

4. Power Tool Charging and Storage Station

Keep all of your cordless power tools in one place along with chargers and batteries. Never misplace your tools or batteries again by keeping everything in one convenient location.

3. Smart Garage Door Opener System

Nexx smart garage controller allows you to open, close, or schedule your garage door status. The app can be shared with friends and family to allow control to others which also allows you to know who is coming and going along with when, securely.

Last but not least, never leave the door open again as the app can send you notifications! Controllable by tapping or speaking with the Nexx app, Siri, Alexa, or Google assistant.

Installs quick and easy with no fees. No ongoing fees or subscription costs.

2. Epoxy Flooring Kit

Nothing gives an area a finished look like clean and professional floors. Perfect for garages, basements, or workshops, Rustoleum's epoxy kits make it easy to transform any area into a professional-looking space in less than a day!

1. Organized 8-Bin Storage System

Without a doubt, organizing is the best way to make any space the most efficient that it can be.

With these handy organizers, you'll never find yourself spending hours searching for that piece that you thought you stashed in your junk drawer.