Joe Rogan Explains Why he Left LA for Texas (House Tour Video Inside!)

Here's What Rogan Had to Say About Leaving LA

Fans of The Joe Rogan Experience know that Rogan has been tossing around the idea of leaving California for quite some time now.

In a podcast with Debra Soh shortly before the move, Rogan spilled the beans, summing up why he decided that the state was no longer for him. Seemingly half-way in jest Rogan said "This place is going to blow up, this place is going to sink. Watch, as soon as I leave... Boom."

He might have been making a bit of a joke but Rogan is just one of the latest in a wave of celebrities leaving the state because of their constant rise in cost of living among other factors. 

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Some of the factors that seem to have Rogan agitated are the continued COVID-19 lockdown, California's continued influx of homelessness, and overpopulation. In the same breath, he also takes the time to mention that California's solution to the madness in 2020 is to "Jack up taxes 54%," says the multi-talented entertainer.

In response, Rogan's message for California officials is "You're out of your f***ing mind."

Instead of sitting around and pouting about it, Joe decided to put his money where his mouth is and head to somewhere that's a bit more laid back.

Rogan's New Pad in Austin, Texas

It’s amazing how far hard work, a vision, and a willingness to adapt can go.

Joe Rogan seems to have bounced between different roles, becoming a favorite in many niche communities from television host to stand up comedian. He even has held down the commentary table for the UFC. These roles pale in comparison to what would come later in Rogan’s career

Joe would eventually show that trying lots of different things and keeping up the hard work can eventually pay off big time. Once his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, took off, he became a mega star

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So what is a podcast worth when it comes to taking a salary each year?

Six figures?

A million dollars?

Both of these figures would come up well short. In fact, Rogan recently inked a deal with Spotify, earning him $100 million for the rights to host his show.

With one transition comes another as Rogan has made a surprising move. He has left behind sunny California in favor of a move to Texas. The mass migration of celebrities away from California seems to be ever growing.

While some might question how this might affect his ability to host guests, Rogan seems to think that people will be willing to take the trip to be on the biggest podcast in the world. He might just be correct.

With that, Rogan has gotten to spending, building a new studio in Texas and buying himself a piece of… Ridiculous Real Estate

So, what is it about Texas that drew in Rogan? According to him, it’s that you could do just about anything there.

With four acres, we’re sure that Rogan has some big plans for the Lakefront property on Lake Austin. Some that he has mentioned are setting up a comedy club, shooting range, and area to host all sorts of events and gatherings.

The home itself consists of 10,890 square feet with 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

There’s also plenty of yard space for Rogan’s children and Golden Retriever, Marshall Mae to expend their energy.

The home features plenty of garage space as well, as Rogan has a well documented love of cars and he’s been associated with many. One of the most storied members of his collection is a Plymouth Baracuda that had a bit of a mishap. Rogan actually claims that the car’s suspension fell off of the frame!

Also included at the property, we find boat storage that will likely yield some iconic stories. Perhaps we'll get to hear about a day on the lake with his friends, Tom Segura, Brent Chrysler, and Joey Diaz.

We’re sure that Rogan is already working on all sorts of workout amenities and probably a sensory deprivation tank as well. Hopefully, he will share more as he gets settled in. Most of the details of the transaction, up to now, have remained under wraps.

Reports do say, though, that the house was recently redesigned by architect, Benjamin Wood and his wife, Theresa Castellano Wood. This is what brought the bland property a fresher Mediterranean influenced farmhouse vibe.

It’s quite a step up from Rogan’s $5 million mansion in the San Fernando valley of Los Angeles. Don’t get us wrong, the California home is a nice place but aside from the obvious price discrepancy, every dollar is buying a lot more square footage and quality out in Texas!

Rogan still maintains ownership of a $2.2m home in California, though, just in case duty calls.

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