Former Steel Storage Facility Transformed Into Gorgeous Home

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"Kettle House" - Galveston, TX (Gulf of Mexico)
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If there's one thing that fascinates us here at Ridiculous Real Estate, it's repurposed structures. It takes vision to transform an old house into something new. It takes genius to take various structures and make them home.

The "Kettle House" has become rather famous locally, in Galveston, as the mind behind the gorgeous structure took the former 1960s steel storage tank and made it a home.

The home that's just an 8 minute walk from the beach on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico is newly renovated to be as cozy as it is functional.

Inside, we find things like high speed Wi-Fi, a Smart TV, and all of the comforts of home mixed in with the decor that was good enough to have the home featured on the HGTV show, "Big Texas Fix!"

Outside, the home boasts the appearance of its former days as a commercial structure. However, an expansive deck helps to make the most of the space. This allows for the look of something special without sacrificing usability.

Inside, an open concept makes the most of the space available. However, all over the home, we find touches that are reminiscent of the structure's former glory.

With the recent rennovation, we find 1960s design throughout, really giving this beach paradise a look unlike any other beach house!

Book Now For $222/night 

However, upon walking downstairs, the expansive use of wood and outdoor shower gives us that traditional beach vibe.

This is definitely a space that serves to inspire those looking to feel like it's a day at the beach, all while doing something just a little bit different - After all, what fun is life if you're doing nothing but fitting in?