Yankee Candle Estate Features 120k sqft, Car Barns, Golf Course, Spa, Water Park, More!

Some of us sit around and think about how we would spend our money if we could purchase every aspect of a dream home that we ever wanted.

For some folks, though, they have what seems to be endless funds to spend it in such a way to make that dream home come to life. 

Juggler Meadow is an estate that has been linked to the founder of Yankee Candle and seems to be such a dream land as it has all sorts of features to absolutely fall in love with. 

The recent listing has been going viral because if its 120,000 square feet of living space that plays out more like a resort than a typical home. In fact, the listing mentions that the home might even be appropriate for a company to buy as a corporate retreat.

Of course, a home like this has many sprawling and impressive living spaces. However, the attention seems to be on the other features like a massive water park akin to what one might find in a beach town or Las Vegas. 

We're not sure that any mega mansion would really be complete without the help of its own car barn. This particular property actually has two of them and they are currently filled with just about every high end exotic nameplate that one could possibly think of (the cars probably aren't included). 

Personally, my inner child is absolutely loving the area that has been dedicated completely to creating an arcade. While some of us might be shopping for a pinball table for the basement, the minds behind this estate have created an entire play land to blow off some steam.

Those who enjoy to exercise a little bit for leisure will also find the likes of an indoor atrium featuring a tennis court, complete with its own bar and stage.

The home even shows off a bowling alley to throw a couple of strikes on. 


The impressive 60-acre spread in western Massachusetts also comes with its own nine hole golf course, pool, and several guest houses. 

Juggler Meadow could be all yours for a current listing price of $23 million. Be sure to check out the listing here.