Cozy Cabin Might be the Best Airbnb Arizona Has to Offer!

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Arizona - Pinetop
"The 1975 Luxury Cabin"
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If you ask us, one of the hardest things to do when renovating a home is to pin down the right vibe.

Sure, anybody could go through a catalog and pick out different finishes and furniture. However, being able to truly get creative and make things come together in just the right proportions can definitely be easier said than done. When it is done well, though, such a project can be a catalyst for inspiration.

With that, getting just the right vibe for a cabin renovation can be a challenging task. Therefore, The "1975 Luxury Cabin" located in Pinetop, Arizona truly won us over. You can check out the Airbnb listing here.

The property is located within driving distance to several popular Arizona tourist attractions including the Grand Canyon, several popular lakes, and even a variety of parks. The host also mentions Sunrise Ski Resort which is less than an hour away. However, it's not just the local attractions that have us wanting to book a stay in this gorgeous cabin. 

Inside, we find quite the creative flair that makes the space look like somewhere that one would want to come home to after a day of exploring. Call us a little bit crazy but we definitely get a kick out of having an awesome place to kick back during our getaways and the 1975 Luxury Cabin really does just that with a mix of bold decisions - take the prominent bold black beam below that really provides nice contrast for the stark white walls, stainless steel appliances, and last but not least, wood accents throughout.

The person behind this renovation came at us with all sorts of different textures including concrete, wood, leather, linen, metal, and even marble. Everything around the pad is brand new, upscale, and well appointed, says the host.

We think that, as most find their way through the pictures, they will have no issue falling in love with this home. In fact, after visiting, some might even take a couple of hints of inspiration home with them to apply to their very own dwelling. 

The cabin is laid out to house 13 guests max. Inside, we find a master bedroom among several others. One of them even has a triple bunk bed for the youngsters. 

Click HERE to Book From $457/Night

Not only was the home itself upgraded but upgraded furnishings are found throughout the home as well. There is even newer technology with a 65 inch LED flat screen.

Oh yeah and last but not least, this might be a personal preference but we kind of have a thing for vaulted ceilings, especially when they're fitted with gorgeous skylights to let natural light illuminate the gorgeous home within.

Upon choosing our favorite Airbnb stays in each state, we go through quite a few of them. With that, we're pretty confident that this particular cozy cabin is the best that Arizona has to offer.

Click HERE to Book From $457/Night