What's the Actual Cost to Build a Garage House? Video Tells All

Depending on who you are and what your preferences, a home needs to do different things. For example, for gearheads like myself, we want a lot of room to store and work on our vehicles. However, that isn't necessarily to say that we want to make sacrifices. In turn, it would be nice if all of this could be done in one well-manicured setting. Not wanting to walk out to a detached garage in the cold is a first world problem but a problem none the less.

Because of this, garage houses have simply become one of the latest trends. All over the Internet, we find people falling in love with these spaces that combine a garage and living into one. There's just something about the idea of wrenching all day before cleaning up and walking a couple of feet into your bedroom. What self-respecting gearhead wouldn't want that for themselves?

This time, we dive into the exact cost of what something like this would tally up. There are a ton of different plans out there for how to go about doing something like this. In addition, we find that all sorts of different options can make the price go up or down. If someone is handy, maybe they could save a couple of bucks by taking on a few of the steps themselves versus hiring a contractor.

In other words, things can get complicated. However, this time, we think we have found a resource that might help to pin down a ballpark idea of the cost of something like this.

At the end of the day, a 50x70 garage house seems like an absolute dream. Do the financials behind such an operation justify the effort, though? I guess that will be up to the person building the garage. However, it seems like a place of living is one area where it could be worth splurging. After all, you're going to be spending every day here. Why not get exactly what you like?