Super Unique Man Cave Accessories Most Likely to Impress Your Friends

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Ah, the man cave. It's almost like holy land, demanding respect from all who enter. The man cave is a sacred space designed to make the most of life. Here are some products that we think can maximize the value of the man cave and make it stand out - your buddies probably won't have gems like these!

3. A Unique Way to Store and Dispense Your Liquor

Let's be honest, being able to adequately store our liquor can be a tough task. There are options out there that not only look great but they're also functional. No need for that cluttered bar cart with easy options like this.

The "Firefighter" Bottle Dispenser + Lamp Combo

The "Firefighter" is certainly one of our favorites in this category. Not only is it an easier alternative to handling a luquor bottle, it's an amazing conversation piece as well!

Wall mount liquor dispenser and glass holder

If space is at a premium, maybe getting those bottles and glasses off of a shelf is a good idea. With this piece, your bar cart can make its way to the wall with convenient dispensers for easy access and a shelf to store your glasses for all-in-one capability.

2. Custom Bars, Shelving, and Tables (Industrial Design)

Every man cave has its own unique layout. With that, you can buy a generic shelving unit from a typical retail store, or you could have a shop like Pipe Line Design Studio build something especially tailored to your tastes and needs.

1. Custom Light Switches

Light switches might be a secondary thought. However, a custom switch can immediately change the feeling when you walk in a room.

Steampunk Light Switch Replacement

As simple as it might be, something like a light switch can completely overhaul the feeling of a space. It might be an a change that not many think of but that's what gives something like this its "WOW" factor!

Geared Wheel Switch Cover (No Wiring Required)

A custom switch plate cover like this one can really bring life to a room. Reviewers on this item say that they tend to draw the attention of guests and garner compliments. For those looking for something different that's affordable with simple install, this might be just that item!