Touring the 5 Most Expensive Properties on the Market Right Now

When we sit down and really think about some of the most expensive houses in the world, it can be mind-blowing.

Think about it this way. The average American House cost about $220,000, give or take. With some of the most expensive listings sitting at over $100 million, that's quite the difference. In fact, if one were to forego purchasing the country's most expensive house, they could purchase 750 average homes. That's basically your very own personal small town. It's almost a little bit discouraging to think about how much money some folks throw around.

This time, though, we aren't focusing on small towns. Instead, we head to the Ridiculous Real Estate YouTube channel to take a dive into the country's most expensive listings by state.

Not so shockingly, if we didn't throw the "By State" rule in there, every single home would be in California. We think that varying it up a little bit makes the list more interesting.

It's an intriguing phenomenon to see how much home money can buy in each locality. Naturally, as we sway further away from major cities, homes get cheaper. Therefore, in states like Colorado, the bang for you buck is going to be a lot better than it is in California. In fact, within this list, we find the Casteel Creek Retreat which basically offers potential buyers an entire resort. Other homes, though, are nothing more than a penthouse.

We won't spoil any more of the surprise for you, though. Instead, we invite you to join in with the video below. After checking this one out, be sure to head over to our YouTube channel and leave a comment after subscribing!