Touring Kevin Hart's Mega Mansion

When it comes to entertainers, Kevin Hart is completely revolutionizing the game. He seems to be one of the pioneers of changing lanes and involving himself in all sorts of different avenues. Long gone are the days where comedians are just comedians. Because of the strong leadership of Hart and others like him, a roadmap has been designed for comedians to jump into film, business and more.

All of that success isn't coming without work ethic, though. Hart has become known to be one of the hardest workers in the game. How else is someone going to become a movie star, author, and more? Hart truly uses his actions to act as an inspiration to the masses.

How Much is Hart Earning Per Year?

On the heels of all that work, the entertainer is estimated to earn some $87.5 million in a year. That currently makes him the highest-paid comedian on the planet. His total net worth soars into the hundreds of millions.

So, what does Kevin spend all of that money on? Let's just say that he isn't shy about splurging here and there. Good for him, though. He has certainly earned it!

Down in the video below from TheRichest, we find an entire feature dedicated to all that Hart has bought. Between exotic cars, flashy jewelry, and most importantly, a massive luxurious home, he has quite the selection of wares to reward him for his efforts.

Hart has been known not only to splurge on himself. He has also been seen buying cars for his entire crew. I guess that when you're worth ten figures, giving back is a bit easier. Nobody said that he was responsible to give back, though. For this decision, we can't help but commend him. There's a reason why Hart is one of America's favorite entertainers!