This $40 Million Estate Has its Own Personal "Batcave" Garage

If there's one thing that car guys might notice about some of the most extravagant luxury estates, it's that the garage can sometimes be lacking.

The brutal truth is that this isn't a primary consideration that people are making most of the time. However, in the car community, it's definitely something that's a priority. In fact, it's often one of the first things that car enthusiasts look for in a potential real estate purchase. If the garage isn't there, the next thought is if there's enough land to create one.

An Amazing Garage

For those who feel as if their love for garages is commonly ignored, 950 Lombard Street in San Fransisco has your back! In fact, those behind it have even gone so far as calling the garage a "BatCave." With lots of space and even a rotating floor to make access easier, there's plenty of room for all those collector cars.

All the Space in the World

From there, things just get better and better. After all, with a residence that's spread out over six standard lots, there has to be a lot of love, right?

Located in the Russian Hill neighborhood in San Fransisco, the area is teeming with character. The Lombard Street address is synonymous with its winding hill that's commonly featured in Hollywood films.

As we move toward the house, we learn that it encompasses 9500 square feet of living space. This is spread out over 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. The home even has its own spa, incredible gardens, and a view of San Francisco along with the bay.

It Could be Yours!

For those who have fallen in love, for the small price of $40,500,000 it could be yours! Okay, so this might not be the most budget-friendly home in the world. In fact, it is looking to become the most expensive home in the city. However, after the tour, we can't help but aspire to one day manage a pad like this.