The Biggest Lies Ever Told on MTV Cribs

Ah, reality television.

As we all know, reality television doesn't always live up to its name. Some don't end up accurately displaying reality. Sometimes, the shows can be a little bit scripted. This is done with the aim of making reality seem a little bit more interesting. In other words, there are definitely times where a basic concept of reality is put in place. However, producers like to drop in details to make things better.

With that in mind, some shows are definitely more real than others. Creative editing can certainly make footage more entertaining. Every show is edited in some capacity. On the other hand, though, there are "reality" shows where people are downright reading from a script.

One of the reality shows that has been accused of not always being completely honest is the late, great MTV Cribs.

The whole concept, for those who don't quite remember, was basically touring celebrity homes. As the celebrities would take us through their mansions, they would show off their houses along with cars, jewelry, and more. It turns out, though, that sometimes, things onscreen weren't exactly being completely honest.

Instead of showing off their own houses, sometimes, everything would be staged. In fact, there were certain situations where allegedly celebrities would be showing off houses that were completely unfamiliar to them. It's kind of hard to pin down if this was due to the producers wanting to spice things up or the celebrities wanting to look better on screen. There were even instances where they would rent cars to put in their driveway!

By following along with the video below, we get the rundown on how some of the stories came to the public eye. Back when the show originally aired, it could've been difficult to get to the bottom of these stories. However, now that the internet is a little bit more organized, people definitely have noticed details and aren't shy about publishing their opinions and stories.

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