The 5 Strangest Structures People Turned Into Homes

When picking out a house, everyone has their own personal preferences. Some want a big yard. Others may prefer more square footage. However, depending on the individual, that picture might change up.

This time, we're taking a walk with those that like to get creative with their homes. It's pretty apparent that the owners and creators of these homes really prioritized trying something different. Instead of functionality, these homes seem to aspire to be the ultimate conversation pieces.

Not only are these homes different but many are rather unlikely as well. Sure, someone could get creative with something like interior design. Everyone does have their own tastes, after all. However, how often is it that we see someone build a home in something like a gas station or a water tower? The long story short is that this is something incredibly rare!

In this one, we get to check out some of the most off-the-wall homes in the world. Sprinkled in various areas, these places truly took a stroke of creativity to bring together. Personally, I couldn't even imagine a situation where I would've thought of some of these ideas. Now that they're in front of us, though, it's kind of hard not to wonder what else is lurking out there in the world as far as homes go.

By following along with the video below, we get the guided tour of some of the most obscure abodes that the world has to offer. While some of these places look like a downright dream to live in, others are kind of tough to wrap our heads around. Which of these units would you most like to call home?