School Bus Converted Into Amazing Living Space, the Ultimate “Mobile Home”

In a somewhat unpredictable twist of events, there have been an influx of people who find tiny home living to be the best option. Traditionally, folks have always wanted to have more space to spread out. However, it seems like some have simply found that all of this extra space either goes unused or ends up collecting junk.

Now, obviously, this isn’t going to be how most people end up thinking. For the majority of us, we appreciate all of the space that we have to spread out and enjoy our homes.

However, for those who have decided that they don’t need that much space, the tiny home has been an interesting option. Let’s just say that some of these folks have found ways to make the most of these small spaces. When being forced to downsize this much, some serious consideration and creativity has to be thrown into the mix.

One example that we have found of folks creating their own tiny living is through the use of school bus homes. The concept unfolds exactly as it sounds. Vehicles that were once bright yellow school buses have since been converted into luxurious living quarters. Naturally, the upside of this is that owners of these vehicles can just pick up and go wherever it is that they want. There is no tie into one single home space.

The lifestyle is rather attractive and one that we would definitely recommend to those who don’t own a home. It’s something worth at least thinking about before hopping into a mortgage payment. The interest savings on most mortgages alone would probably pay for such a bus within the first couple of years.

On the flipside, though, the concept of not actually having one place to call home can be a bit intimidating. What if something goes wrong out there on the road? I guess that with every positive, there are considerations and this includes mobile life in a school bus tiny home.

This time, we tune in with a school bus that embodies 35 feet from nose to tail. When compared to even the smallest of traditional homes, it’s really not all that much space. However, with a little bit of ingenuity, this bus has become a place that looks like a rather appealing space to call home.

The creator seems to have thought about just about everything. The bus considers things that we would’ve never though about like electrical outlets. These are the small things that provide a challenge.

However, other more common considerations like storage seem to be well thought out. One thing that actually surprised us is that there is a ton of room to sleep! The bed in the front of the bus provides about as much space as a king-size bed.

By following along with the video below from New Jersey Outdoor Adventures, we’re able to check out the 9-month project that has become home.

We have to warn you because one look at the spot might make you consider selling your home and hitting the road.