Rob Dyrdek Shows Off New Family Home

At 45 years old, we think that most would consider Rob Dyrdek an accomplished man. While many think it's limited to reality TV and skateboarding, the scope is much wider than that. In fact, Dyrdek seems to be just one of those individuals that never stops putting in the hours. On the back of this effort, Dyrdek has been able to put his fingers in all sorts of businesses.

Most of us met Dyrdek with the early 2000s reality show, Rob and Big. The show gave us insight to a real-life buddy comedy unfolding in front of our eyes. We almost found ourselves becoming friends with Dyrdek and the late Christopher "Big Black" Boykin as they found themselves involved in all sorts of wacky adventures.

Eventually, Dyrdek would really show his business chops. Building on the show's great success, the construction of the Fantasy Factory would follow. It would be here that Dyrdek would not only continue his adrenaline-filled antics. We would also see him more deeply involve himself in the world of entrepreneurship. Some might not know that he even has his own whiskey brand and virtual reality company that works with NASCAR.

All of these years later, on the back of many successful business dealings, Dyrdek has bought himself quite the pad.

This time, we even get the privilege of touring the pad. Lux Living Homes takes us on the tour as Dyrdek is led through his freshly refinished Beverly Hills home. Lux Living took the chance to throw some interior designing flair in the mix to make everything look just right.

So, how does everyone's favorite skateboarding reality star live?

By following along with the video below, we're able to step inside the home to check it out for ourselves. It's amazing how the world of social media takes us into some of the nuances of our favorite people like never before.