MTV Cribs Throwback Visits the Home of Rob & Big

MTV in the mid-2000s provided quite the collection of entertainment. The period seems to mark the transition for the brand. As they would go from literal "Music Television" to simply Music Television in name, we saw some rather interesting additions to the playlist.

Instead of simply playing music videos and talking about music, they decided to go in another direction. During that time, MTV would come up with original programming that actually ended up becoming a piece of pop culture history.

Sure, lots of this was simply mindless. However, tons of people found an escape in shows like Pimp My Ride, Jersey Shore, and MTV Cribs. Take that as you will. There's no denying the following that some of these programs gathered, though.

This time of what seemed to be a reality television takeover even spawned some of its own stars. It was at this time that many became very familiar with the life of skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek.

In fact, as somebody who was a pretty big fan of the show, Rob and Big, I'm still not even all that sure if Rob was actually all that high ranked of a professional skater. What I do know is that watching the show would prove to be quite the escape for a massive audience. It seems rather apparent that Dyrdek took reality TV by storm and turned his own take on the medium into a massive success.

This time, we recall a little bit of a crossover between shows. In the Rob and Big universe, many of their adventures would surround the duo's California home. Instead of the home just being a backdrop, with this video, MTV Cribs takes the opportunity to dive into the abode.

For those who remember turning into MTV in the 2000s, this might just be a walk down memory lane. In fact, we might even argue that this one is overflowing with all of the sweet nostalgia that one could ever want or need.

In addition to touring Dyrdek's mansion, we get a look at the homes of Good Charlotte's Benji Madden & pro baseball player, CC Sabathia.