Inside Andrew Tate's Secret "Doom Room" With Fingerprint Access, Machete Cabinet

The rise of controversial speaker, Andrew Tate, has certainly been nothing short meteoric.

Agree with the man's highly debated point-of-view or not, it's hard to deny that one day he was relatively unknown and the next, it was hard to scroll through TikTok without seeing a video of this guy every couple of swipes. 

 Earlier in life, Tate was a celebrated kickboxer but it seems as if his rise to true wealth came through a variety of business ventures from casinos to operating behind the scenes in adult entertainment.

So, for a man that flaunts his wealth, what exactly does he live like at home?

The "Doom Room"


While there isn't a professionally curated view of Tate's living quarters, we have pieced together a good idea of what his home is like from a collection of social media posts.

One element that Tate took to Instagram to flex was a specialized room. According to the caption, this room features "Fingerprint access behind a solid steel door," it also has "radio frequency blocking insulation so [Tate] can’t be bugged," and solid oak walls as well.

Tate goes on to say that he wants all of the house's security cameras to feed to a central TV screen so that he can see everything that happens inside and outside of the property.

You can read even more about the room that Tate says has its own machete cabinet in the post below.

A Personal Armory?


Continuing through Tate's Instagram, we also discovered another part of Tate's compound that appears to be a personal armory of sorts that also doubles as a closet.

Last but not least, a YouTuber by the name of TateSpeech Daily took to the video sharing platform to showcase some photos of Tate's recently renovated mansion along with a video that seems to have since expired from Tate's Instagram. Check out the complete tour below.