How Much of a House Can 7 Billion YouTube Views Buy? - Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Mansion

It seems like, in the modern era, YouTube is the wild west of making a living. Last generation's dreamers wanted to make it in the movies. Before that, the radio star would catch the eye of millions.

One of the main differences of today's entertainment is that it's open to anyone. Don't get us wrong. In the oversaturated YouTube market these days, only a few will make it to the top. The opportunity is more accessible than ever as the strangest of videos have made creators millions?

What Does Dobrik Actually Do?

Well, the long story short is nothing.

Now, before Dobrik fans pull out their pitchforks, hear me out. As a YouTube creator myself, I know that its a lot of work to have any sort of success on the platform. Dobrik certainly works hard to bring entertainment value to his videos.

In essence, though, it seems like the vlog style videos simply highlight his life. Naturally, sometimes, there are probably plans to make the content more interesting. Furthermore, we're sure that there is a little bit of acting brought into the fold at times to make the content more digestible.

However, when we really sit down and think about it, the composition of his career is downright odd. Not only does it take a lot of work to film what appears to be just another day. People flock to the content in the millions, as well. Even though I question what the appeal of watching someone live their life actually has, I, too, have been drawn into the trap!

Inside the Humble Abode

So, with an accumulated 7 Billion views and counting, what kind of luxury is Dobrik living in? As it turns out, the house is actually pretty trick. By following along with the feature from Architectural Digest below, we get to take a peek inside how the upper echelon of YouTube lives.