HOA Demands Seniors Living on Social Security to Take on Expensive Painting Project

At its core, an HOA could be a good thing. After all, their intentions usually are noble or at least they start out that way. However, we have heard way too many harsh stories unfold when it comes to the local homeowner's association.

There are definitely times where it seems like the members of an HOA can really go on a power trip. When they're supposed to be doing what's best for the community, that always doesn't end up being the case. In addition, we're sure that there are probably different viewpoints on what is actually best for the community.

For one Arizona husband-and-wife, they were forced, by the HOA, to paint their home. However, that would be a lot easier said than done. For Joanne and Eddie, Social Security simply didn't provide enough money to have the painting done.

When compounding that with the fact that Eddie is suffering from dementia and even broke his hip recently, money isn't exactly growing on trees here. In fact, they say that sometimes Social Security can barely cover the bills. It doesn't take any sort of the economist to see how this could mean that an unnecessary expense could really cause trouble.

However, the HOA remained adamant that they improve the appearance of the home. Luckily, a local church group in Christ Church of the Valley took on the project. Before Joanne and Eddie knew it, they would have a whole group of helping hands ready to chip in.

In response to the effort, the husband-and-wife duo were incredibly grateful. It's nice to see that there are still situations where people will chip in to help out others.

As far as HOAs go, they can definitely serve to keep a neighborhood looking good and retain home values. On the other hand, though, there are far too many horror stories to make me ever want to move into an HOA controlled neighborhood.