Double Decker Bus Recycled Into Creative Living Space

If we take a look around the world, there are all sorts of potentially useful things that simply go to waste. These things could very well have another use but end up rotting into the ground. In fact, I think that most folks would likely be able to observe the idea that human beings are pretty wasteful at times.

This time, we check out a little bit of recycling. This isn't in the way that you're probably thinking, though. No, there is no separating bottles from paper products here. Instead, we take a look at what happened to a retired bus! Once this massive double-decker could see road use no longer, it might've looked like it was doomed.

Most busses in this condition are either used for scrap metal or simply rot away. This one, though, has gotten a little bit of TLC. Instead of rotting into the ground or being melted down, this machine has been converted into something else entirely. Just as the title suggests, the owner of the former vehicle has converted it into a stationary home.

It's not hard to imagine that a living space like this is definitely unique. The thought of living onboard a double-decker bus actually comes with quite a bit of charm.

What is it like in practice, though? It's not too difficult to fathom that living in a situation like this would certainly come with its fair share of obstacles. Could the arrangement realistically work out?

This time, we find out just that. By taking a tour of the machine with the help of the Family Freedom YouTube channel, we get to see what bus living is all about.

We have to admit that this probably isn't a lifestyle for everybody. However, for those who like to live on the minimalist side, perhaps it could be for you. After checking this one out, do you think that you would have what it takes to live on the bus?

We can't help but fall in love with the unconventional charm, here!

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