Celebrity Homes That Nobody Wants to Buy

Sometimes, selling a home isn't easy.

When we take on the task of listing a home on the market, it could mean lots of showings and unwanted traffic.

All of this effort won't necessarily even result in a sale. It might seem like a problem that's limited to the normal person. However, celebrities also share in this issue.

In fact, celebrity homes might be an even tougher sale sometimes.

We would think that celebrity homes have some extra interest because of who they're affiliated with. As it turns out, though, the person who was living in the home doesn't always add value.

Not only are these homes at the top of the market when it comes to price. Often times, they're also very specifically tailored to the owner. After all, being extravagantly wealthy might mean that the owner is less concerned about resale value. Therefore, lots of these places don't have the curb appeal for a quick sale.

On the other hand, though, there's a right butt for every seat. Right? It might just come down to playing the waiting game.

This time, we dig into a collection of celebrity homes that seem to have been sitting on the market forever. As presented by Kyle McGran, we're able to dig into everything from 50 Cent's not so humble abode all the way to Michael Jordan's mansion.

After viewing some of these dormant listings, we're kind of thinking that maybe modest is the way to go. Perhaps some of these mansions will come to mind when you're thinking of skipping curb appeal with your next home upgrade.

Which of these massive places do you think is the worst offender of the bunch?