Top 10 Simple Yet Effective Home Upgrades to Keep Us Busy During Quarantine

Top 10 Simple Yet Effective Home Upgrades to Keep Us Busy During Quarantine

Just because we’re all stuck in quarantine doesn’t mean that we can’t be productive! We found that these items that are still shipping from Amazon have given us a way to be productive and improve our homes! Please note that we may earn a commission for each item purchased.

10. USB Integrated Wall Outlets

In this day and age, constantly searching for a USB charging block doesn’t make sense. I don’t think I could live without one of these outlets AT LEAST next to my bed

9. High-Quality Stick On Backsplash Tiles

Hear us out here. Whenever we hear “Stick on” anything, we kind of cringe. It sounds cheap. With a high-quality stick on backsplash like this it’s hard to tell the difference between it and some more expensive alternatives.

8. Nanoleaf Light Up Wall Starter Kit

Light up a game room or man cave with this innovative kit that’s the ultimate conversation starter and mood setter.

7. Solar Garden Ground Lights Outdoor Diamond Stake Lights

No landscaping is complete without the right lighting.

6. Amazon Smart Oven

Convenience is KING!
The day and age has come where our homes service us. Take the next step in automation with the Amazon Smart Oven.

5. LED Backlit Finger Touch Light
Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Ok, this is just downright cool. No need for extra bulky lighting with this LED Vanity Mirror that is turned on by touch! Every bathroom needs this one!

4. Vitamin C Shower Infuser/Water Softener

If you’re anything like me, you’re picky with your skincare. Take care of your skin without even thinking about it!

3. Rustic Barnwood, Industrial Cage Light, Matte Black Fan
(Amazon Best Seller)

Most might not think of it. A new fan can be an easy way to seriously upgrade a room, though. Get rid of that bland contractor-grade fan and upgrade it with the best selling fan on Amazon.

2. Sliding Interior Barn Door Kit

Barn inspired decor is “in” for a reason. These barn door kits can completely transform the feel of a living space.

1. Modern LED Illuminated Faucet (No Wiring Required)

How COOL is this? Water powers the LED lighting on these faucets. It’s small touches like this that really make a bathroom pop!