10 Amazon Finds That Every Good Garage Needs

10 Amazon Finds That Every Good Garage Needs

Over time, we have been in and around some of the most awesome garages in the world. These are some common threads that the best of the best seem to share! Please note, we may earn commissions for these purchases.

10. An Epic Lighting System ($26.99)

If you’ve ever tried to work in poor light, you feel our pain. The first thing that we would invest in is a decent lighting system. Fortunately, LED technology is cheap, easy, and affordable. (It doesn’t drive up the power bill, either!)

9. Tabletop Hardware Storage ($35)

Being organized doesn’t have to be hard! When everything has a place to go, finding it has never been easier. This storage unit will help keep the small pieces in place.

8. Epoxy Flooring ($149)

Stained floors are unsightly! Epoxy flooring not only protects your garage floor integrity. It makes clean up much easier. Do it once and be done!

7. Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Pegboard w/ Storage System ($96)

If you’re anything like me, you spend more time looking for tools than actually working. This steel pegboard will last a lifetime and is sure to save you much more than the asking price when you consider precious time savings.

6. Power Tool/Battery Organizer ($58)

We all want more tools. With more tools comes more need for organization. Keep everything where it should be with this handy organizer.

5. Drill and Impact Driver Kit (Amazon Best Seller) ($149)

Power tools can get expensive. While many of them are luxuries, the drill and impact driver are the staples of the power tool world. No garage in the world should go without these 2 items. There’s a reason why they’re the best selling power tool combo kit on Amazon!

4. Commercial 7-Tier Bin Rack Shelving ($157)

As one of the top-ranking garage storage systems on Amazon, this beast of a unit can bring peace to a chaotically disorganized space. The heavy-duty construction will be able to handle a beating as well.

3. Heavy Duty Metal Power Strip (3-Foot) ($26)

One of the worst situations in a garage is to find that you’ve run out of plugs. Nothing is worse than having to unplug and move things to access power. In addition, a longer strip like this allows larger items like battery chargers to be plugged in side-by-side.

2. Heavy Duty Ceiling Storage Rack (Number 1 Seller) ($179)

Storage space in a garage is at a premium. All of that free air space is real estate wasted. With the number one rated ceiling mounted storage rack on Amazon, you can make the most of all that extra space.

1. 408-Piece Mechanics Tool Set with Metal Box ($185)

Every garage person in the world needs a basic toolset. In fact, this is as important as it gets. After making sure you’re handy with the base set, you can build from there!